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What the GSoA advocates

  • For a civilian Switzerland as a contribution to a more peaceful world.
  • For the abolishment of the Swiss army and the re-distribution of the saved expenses to domestic and international civilian conflict resolution initiatives.
  • For a reduction of causes of conflicts. The GSoA raises the question: How can Switzerland contribute to a more equitable distribution of the limited ressources?
  • For an end of all arms exports by the Swiss armament industry and for a conversion of military into civilian enterprises.
  • Against the indirect participation of Switzerland in war and conflicts, for example by supplying small arms, by keeping dirty money on its banks or by trading with precarious goods such as oil or diamonds.
  • For a worldwide and massive expension of our capabilities to solve conflicts by peaceful means. The GSoA puts forward proposals how Switzerland may extend civilian peace support.
  • For a global democratic system for peace resolution. Such a system can only be implemented within the United Nations framework, even if there is an urgent need to democratize the UN.
  • Against the participation of Swiss soldiers in the "military conflict management" mission by the NATO and the European Union.
  • Against the militarisation of domestic security and the mingling of police and military tasks. The GSoA supports those soldiers who are opposed to such operations.
  • For the end of the mandatory draft and for a reduction of the barriers to the civilian service - as long as the Swiss army still exists...