Malmö: European Peace Action Forum

Am europäischen Sozialforum in Malmö gibt es Veranstaltungen des European Peace Action Forum.

Workshops Donnerstag 18. September

* Globalisation of Militarism
* Resistance to Military Infrastructure
* Campaigns Against War Profiteering
* Nuclear Weapons
* Actions Against Militarism
* The Growing Influence of NATO and the Militarisation of the EU
* Partnership for Peace and New NATO Countries
* The Lisbon Treaty: Military Aspects, Consequence for the Peace Movement and Effect on Neutrality
* NATO and the EU: Common Command Structures and Excuses for Interventions

Workshops Freitag 19. September
* Actions Against Militarism
* Nonviolence tools for campaign development
* Planning a nonviolent action

Samstag 20. September
* The Militarisation of Space
* Resistance Against US Missile Offence Installations in Europe
* European Military Ambitions in Space

Sonntag 21. September
* Co-ordinating our Resistance
* Coordinated Action
* Information Sharing ― How EPA will Share Info Within the Network
* The Next European Peace Action Forum
* Practical skills for direct action

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Ort: Malmö